Business Directory in Takeo

Sun Capital Advisors

10/F No. 1 Taipei Walsin Xinyi Building, Songzhi Road, Taipei, Taiwan 11047

Oddway International

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sotheavy Guest House and Restaurant

Sangkat Roka Khnong, Krong Doun Keo, Takeo Province, Takeo, Cambodia

Daunkeo Guesthouse

Village II, Rokarknong, Daunkeo, Takeo, Cambodia 2108

Kork Tlouk Takeo Guesthouse

Street 2, Phoum Phsar Ta Ko, Sangkat Ro Ka Knung, Takeo, Cambodia

Sok San Guesthouse

Phoum 3, Sangkat Raka Khnung, Phsar Ta Keo, Takeo, Cambodia

Meng Hour

National 02, sangkat roka knong, Daunkeo Town Takeo, Takeo, Cambodia

Hong Tung 47 Guesthouse

National road 02, plov lum lory, Sangkat roka knong, Daukeo town, Takeo, Takeo, Cambodia

Rachana guest house

National road 2, in front of boeung takeo, sangkat roka knong, Daunkeo town Takeo, Takeo, Cambodia


001, St.20, Sangkat Roka Knong, Krong Daun Keo, Talkeo, Takeo, Cambodia

Tepthyda guesthouse

borei Reakmey, national road 02, Khum Kserng, Sangkat Roka Knong, Daun Keo town, Takeo, Cambodia

Meas Family Homestay

Ang Kro-Som Commune,Tram Kork District, Angk Ta Saom, Cambodia

Vimean TIP guest house

Street 2, Takeo province, Cambodia

RakSmey MitePheap Guest House

Krong Doun Keo, Cambodia

Vathanak Pheap Guest House

Doun Keo City, Takeo Province, Cambodia, Takeo, Takev, Cambodia

Angtasom168 Resturant and Guesthouse

ផ្លូវជាតិលេខ3 ខាងត្បូូងផ្សារអង្គតាសោមចំងាយ 300m នៅជិតវត្តអង្គតាសោម Takeo, Takev, Cambodia

Le petit bistro de Takeo

Village II, Sangkat Rokarknong, Krong Daunkeo, Takeo, Cambodia

Stung Takeo Restaurant

9 St, Takeo 21000, Cambodia


Psar Nat Market, Takeo 21000, Cambodia


National Road 2 # Phum3, Sangkat Roka Knong, Krong Dounkeo, Takeo Province, Takeo, Takev, Cambodia

Someta Guesthouse

Phoum 3, Sangkat Raka Khnung, Phsar Ta Ko, Chres, Doun Kaev, Cambodia

Takeo Backpackers Inn

NR2, Krong Doun Kaev, Cambodia

Phnom Da Travel

Takeo town, near boat station Phum 1 Village, Roka Knong Commune, Doun Keo District, Takeo, Takeo Province, Cambodia

Lucky Coffee shop

Krong Doun Kaev, Cambodia

Angkor Khemara University

Krong Doun Kaev, Cambodia

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