Business Directory in Pursat

Vermech engineering sdn bhd


Thansour Thmei Hotel

No. 216, St. 102, behind Sculptural School, Peal Nhek 1 Village, Sangkat Pteah Prey, Pursat City, Pursat

Apsara Guesthouse Pursat

National Road No. 5, In front of Acleda Bank, Krong Pursat

Environmental Protection and Development Organization

Kbalhong village, Sangkat Pteas Prey, Pursat Town, Pursat,Province


Morn Che village, Prey Nhi commune, Pursat municipality, Pursat province.

K.M Hotel

Street 101, PealNhek 1 Village, Sangkat Pteh Prey, Pursat City.

Phnom Pich Hotel

St. 101, Pheal Nhek Village, Sangkat Phteah Prey, Chamkar Chek Che, Sampov Meas, Cambodia

Pursat Pizza House

Pealnheak 1 village , Pteasprey commune , Pursat town, Cambodia

Rotary Pursat Home

House - 221A, Road - 103, Peal Ngek II , Sangkat Pteas Prey, Pursat Province, Camboida.

PVT Promvihearthor Organization

No. 181E, St. 208, In front of Office of Pursat Provincial Treasury, Peal Nhek 2 Village, Sngkat Phteah Prey, Pursat City, Pursat, Cambodia

Human Right Organization of Cambodia

National Road 5 Raa Village, S/K Phteah Prey, Pousaat City, Pursat, Cambodia

COHD - Cambodia Organization for Human Rights & Development

Pur Andort Village, Sangkat Roleap, Pursat City, Pursat, Cambodia

DDSP Organization

Pursat, Cambodia.

Pursat Century Hotel

No 5 239a, National Road | Bakan District, Pursat 15000, Cambodia

Than Sour Thmei Hotel

Street No. 2, Pheal Nhek Village, Sangkat Phteah Prey, Pursat, Cambodia

Nokor Chum Guesthouse

Spean Thmor Village,National Road No.5, Pursat, Cambodia

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