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Knai Bang Chatt Resort Kep

#76, Street 360, Sangkat Toul Svayprey 1,Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

Veranda Natural Resort

Kep Hillside road, Kep cambodia, kep Cambodia

Saravoan-Kep Hotel

Thmey Village, Prey Thom Commune, Krong Kep

Kep Seaside Guesthouse

NR33A, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Kep Lodge

Pepper Street 1, Kep, kep 15000, Cambodia

Le Flamboyant Resort

National Road 33A, Kep, Cambodia

Spring Valley Resort

NR33A, Kep, Cambodia

The Beach House

Main Beach Road, Kep Beach, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Malibu Estates Bungalows

33 Main Road, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Ocean Breeze Hotel and Sky Bar

Kep, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Samanea Resort

Kep Road (33A), Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Tara Lodge

Road 33, Pepper st 2, Sangkat Prey Thom, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Darica Resort

Cambodia, Krong Kaeb, Champey Street 1

Mealea Resort

No. 25, 33A Street، Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Q Bungalows

NR33A, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Raingsey Bungalow

NR33A, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Nibbana Resort

Kep, Top left of nibbana street, Kep, Cambodia, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Palm House Boutique & Spa

St.33A Sangkat, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Sunset Valley Resort

Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Tom, Krong Kep Kingdom of Cambodia 1700

Au Paradis Bleu

Krong Keb, Cambodia

Cote plage Kep

NR33A, Krong Keb, Cambodia

Kimly Lodge

kep, Cambodia

Botanica Guesthouse

NR33A, Krong Keb, Cambodia

Blue Kep Bungalow

Krong Keb, Cambodia

The Vine Retreat

Chamcar Bei Village (Phnom Vor), Pongteuk Commune, Damnak Chang Eur District, Kep Province., Cambodia

Reaksmey Krong Kep Guesthouse

Kep Province, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Phka Romyol Kep Guesthouse

Thmey Village, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Rega Guesthouse & Restaurant

Hospital Street, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Le Kep Bungalows

kep city, Kep, Kep Province, Cambodia

Malibu Bungalows

# 33, Malibu Street, Prey Thum, Kep, Cambodia

Bird of Paradise Bungalows

Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Thom, Prey Thum, Kep, Cambodia

Rock Royal Hotel & Resort

Road 33A, Kep Village, Kep Commune, Kingdom Of Cambodia

Visal Sak

Road 33A, Kep City, Kep, Kep, Cambodia.

Khmer Hands Bungalows

Phum Thmey, Prey Thom, Kep City, Kep Province, Prey Thum, Kep, Cambodia

Raingsey Bungalow Kep

Kep Hillside Road, Prey Thum, Kep, Cambodia

Vanna Hill Resort

Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Thom,, Prey Thum, Kep, Cambodia

Villa Romonea

Villa Romonea , Prey Thom, Kep Thmei, Kep City, Cambodia

Le Ponton Hotel

Crab market road, Prey Thum, Kep, Cambodia

Atmaland Resort

Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Thom, Prey Thum, Kep, Cambodia

Bacoma Guesthouse

33A street, Prey Thum, Kep, Cambodia

Masada Resort

Pepper Street 2, Crab Market, Kep, Cambodia.

N4 Guesthouse

Prey Thom Village, Prey Thum, Kep, Cambodia

MyHouse Hillside Retreat

Phnomvor Hill, Chamkabei Village Pong Teuk, Srok Damnak Chang Our, Key Province, Kingdom of Cambodia

Cominsia Lodge

Kao Kroseng Village - Road 33a, Kep, Cambodia

Fruit Garden

Street 714, Phumi Krasang, Cambodia

Brise de Kep Boutique

On the Kep beach next to the Rabbit island dock, Kep, Cambodia

Villa Saat

Nationla Road 33, Kep, Cambodia

SoK Man House

St. 33A near SANGKAT KAB, Kep, Cambodia

Kep Villa

Sangkat Damnakthom Krong Kep, Kep Province., Kep, Cambodia

Dathika Bungalows

Road 33A ,Thmey Village , Prey Tom Commune , Kep City , Kep Province. In front of Don Bosco Technical School Kep., Kep, Cambodia

Chondaer Vil Bungalow & Boutique

Phum Kep, Sangkat Kep, Krong Kep, Kep, Cambodia

Beach Kep Sovann Village Guesthouse

Road 33A Kep city, Kep, Cambodia

Oasis Garden Guesthouse

Road 33A, Kep, Cambodia

Kep Guesthouse

Road 33A, Kep Market, Kep, Cambodia

Rusty Keyhole Kep

Off Road 33A Kep Village, Kep, Cambodia

Man groove kep

Street of old casino, Kep, Cambodia

La Fortress Boutique Hotel

2333, Kep, Cambodia

Le Bout du Monde - Khmer Lodge

Preah Thom, Hill side, Kep, Cambodia

The Boat House

33 Main Road, Crab Market, Kep, Cambodia

Hotel de la Plage

Kep beach -bus station, Kep, Cambodia

Champeysor Kep Guesthouse & Bungalows

Thmey Village, Preythom Commune, Kep, Cambodia

Kep Malibu Bungalows

33 Main Road, Kep, Cambodia

Beach Town Guesthouse

Thmey Village, Preythom Commune, Kep, Cambodia

La Villa Des Palmes

Kep bay road, Kep, Cambodia


Kep Village, Sangkat Kep, Krong Kep, Kep province, Kep Cambodia

Kepmandou Lounge Bar

Rue Du Vieux Casino, Kep, Cambodi

Kep Arunrash

Pepper Road, Thmiey Village, Prey Thom, Crab Market, Kep, Cambodia

Khmer House Bungalow

Roads #33, Kep, Cambodia

Tree Top Bungalows

Phum Thmey, Khum Prey Thom, Kep, Cambodia

Casa Kep

Highway 33A. Near the beach. Kep, Cambodia

Summer Resort

Thmey village, Prey Thom commune, Kep city, Kep, Cambodi

Try Palace Resort & Spa

Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Thom, Kep City, Kingdom of Cambodia

Cheng Lee Natural Resort

Thmey Village, Prey Thom Commune, Crab Market , Kep, Cambodia

Nature's Garden Resort

Road 7 Park, Kep National Park, Krong Kep, Cambodia

Ya Thy’s

Phum Thmey, Kep, Krong Kep, Kingdom of Cambodia

Kep Sur Mer Restaurant

Krong Kep, Cambodia

Italian Corner

Krong Kep, Cambodia

Kep Coffee

road 33a Kep, Cambodia

Breezes Lounge & Restaurant

Kep Province, Kep Cambodia

Holy Crab

kep Cambodia

The Strand Restaurant

Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Thom, Kep City, Kep Province Kingdom of Cambodia.

So Kheang Restaurant

Crab Market, Kep 07503, Cambodia

Diamond Jasmine

Thmey Village, Sangkat Prey Thom, Kep 07503, Cambodia

Rith Travel

Crab Market, Kep - Cambodia, Kep, Cambodia

Rock Royal Hotel & Resort in Keb

Road 33A, Kep Village, Kep Commune, Kingdom Of Cambodia (Next to Provincial Hall, Seaside)

Brise de Kep Boutigue


KEP BAY Hotel & Resort

Street 23100, Kep City, CAMBODIA

N4 Hotel

Prey Thom Village,Keb,Cambodia



Kepmandou GuestHouse

Rue du vieux casino, Kep, Keb, Cambodia

Champey Sor Kep Guesthouse

Thmey Village, Prey Thom Commune,Keb,Cambodia

Arun Rass

NR33A, Krong Kaeb,Cambodia

Brise De Kep Guesthouse & Restaurant

18-19 on the Kep Beach Street, Kep,Cambodia

Dara Kep Bungalow

Street 33A, Kep village, Kep city,Kep Province, Cambodia

Medical Tourism Online

C-96, Sector 65, Noida, U.P, India

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