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Tower 2, Level 7, 7C, Al Hamra Industrial Zone, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box 31291.

Amazing Happy Pizza Pub


Koh Russey I Bamboo Island

Koh Russey Island - Ream. Ream, Kampot, Cambodia

Popok Vel Guesthouse

Kampot province,Cambodia

Champey Bokor Guesthouse

Thvy Khang cherng Village, Andong khmer Communce, Krong Kampot

Vibola GuestHouse

Sabay Beach

Village Ordnung Chimern, Commune Kampong Kreng, Disctrict kampot, Province Kampot,Cambodia

BARACA Guesthouse

bARACA, #7, Sreet 726, Kampot, Cambodia, Krong Kampot

Good Morning Kampot Guesthouse

735, Kampong Bay Bridge, Krong Kampot

My Parents Guesthouse

Krong Kampot,Cambodia

Rainbow Bridge Guesthouse

River Road, Krong Kampot,Cambodia

Oh Neil's Riverside

Riverside Rd, Krong Kampot,Cambodia

Nataya Round House Coral Bay Resort

Prek Ampil Village, Koh Tauch Commune , Toeuk Chhou District , Kampot province,Cambodia

Eden Eco Village

Kampot province,Cambodia

CT Family Apartment

Along Road 33, Kampot, Cambodia 855

Little Garden Guesthouse & Restaurant

Kampot province,Cambodia

Sambo Sambath Guesthouse

No. 54, Street 713, Kampong Bay Commune, Krong Kampot

Bokor Mountain Lodge

Krong Kampot,Cambodia

Blue Buddha Hotel

No.1 St 730 (Guesthouse Street), Kampot Town ,Kampot Province, Cambodia

Hotel Five.S

Krang Vilage, KrangAmpil Commune,, Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot View Boutique Hotel

National Road 3. Thvi Village, Andong Khmer Commune, Kompot Province


Kampong Bay Bridge, Krong Kampot,Cambodia


#78, Muoy Ussphea village, Kampong Kandal commune,Kampot province.

Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace

Riverside Rd, Kampot


Tuek Chhu Rd, Krong Kampot

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Spread your business to the world

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