Business Directory in Banteay Meanchey


Level 20(a), Main Office Tower, Financial Park Complex Labuan, Jalan Merdeka Labuan Federal Territory, Malaysia 87000

Buttonwood Capital Advisors

40F, 737 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea 06236

Rasmei Pean Meas Guest House

#09B,National Street No.5,Group 7, Village,Sangkat Poi Pet,Krong, Krong Poi Pet,Cambodia

Chheeang Heng Guest House

NR5, Krong Serei Saophoan,Cambodia

Residence Angkor Guest House

Road No. 4, Krong Serei Saophoan,Cambodia

Guest house

Villa 3, Serey Sophorn 01254,Cambodia

Botoum Hotel Banteay Meanchey

#449, Road No. 5, O' Ambel, Serey Sophorn, Banteay Meanchey Province Cambodia

Golden Crown

Sereysophon market, Krong Serei Saophoan,Cambodia

Ly Heng Computer Shop

NR56, Krong Serei Saophoan

អន្តរជាតិ កុំព្យូទ័រ និងហ្វូតូ Internation Computer and Copy Shop

C141,C142 ខាងត្បូងវេទិកា ខេត្តបន្ទាយមានជ័យ, Krong Serei Saophoan

International Computer Center

Krong Poi Pet

Rural Community and Environment Development Organization (RCEDO)

Road #2, Saangkat Kampong Svay, Krung Serisophon,Sisophon

Bridge of Hope-Kampuchea

Villa No. 73A national Road 5,Poipet

Poipet Resort & Casino

998F, Group 50, Kbal Spean Village, Poipet Commune, Auchav District, Poipet, Cambodia

Holiday Poipet Casino & Resort

Aranyaprathet Borther, Thailand - Poipet Border, Poipet, Cambodia

Holiday Palace Casino & Resort Poipet

Poipet Border, 1 & 2 Kbal Spean Village, Poipet Commune O'Chrov District, Poipet, Cambodia

Le Kbal Spean Guest House

Krong poipet, Poipet, Cambodia

Chao Phaya Guesthouse

Route 06, Poipet, Cambodia

Panha Guest House

Road No. 2, Krong Serei Saophoan, Cambodia

Pyns Place Guest House

National Road # 5, Krong Serei Saophoan, Cambodia

Phnom Pich Guesthouse

Krong Poi Pet, Cambodia

Nasa Hotel

National Hwy 5, Krong Serei Saophoan, Cambodia

Khoeun Sreymom and Khlot Sopheng Homestay

National Road No. 56A, Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia

Sril Som Homestay

Nation Road 56A, Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia

Ouch Nary Homestay

National Road No. 56A , Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia

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